3 Important Tips to Get Your Resume Noticed

As a job seeker looking for jobs with the Top Placement Consultants in Delhi NCR, it is important that you take the basic steps right. You may already know how to create an excellent resume with all the key information. You know the format or you may simply follow the given online formats on job consultant sites to create the perfect layouts.
Most candidates fail to generate the desired amount of responses and call towards interviews. Follow these 3 important tips to get your resume noticed by potential employers.

i. Highlight Your Achievements

This is a simple yet extremely important rule to resume building – highlight your best achievements in a loud and clear way. Mention your most relevant achievements and experiences close to the top.
Whilst getting help from the best job consultancy in Delhi NCR can help you land the right interviews, you will have to get noticed first by the recruiter. Your recruiter is always going to look at the top of the resume before going down. Give them a very strong reason right there to get interested in your profile.

ii. Quantify Your Achievements

Whilst highlighting your accomplishments is important, it is important to back them up with clear facts and figures. This will help add credibility to your application. Whilst anyone can mention any number of achievements in previous positions, mentioning facts and figures can make a huge difference.

So instead of mentioning that you achieved growth every quarter, mention the percentage growth figures for each quarter. Quantifying achievements provides convincing evidence of your work and suitability for the position.

iii. Add Employer Feedbacks

It isn’t as difficult to get employer feedbacks as it used to be. As already indicated, recruiters are looking for evidence of your past performances. It is the only kind of information that can convince them that you can deliver results in the new position. So adding feedbacks from your previous employers, such as from your reporting manager can be a significant addition to your resume.

So follow these 3 key tips to make your resume stand out from the crowd when submitting your profile to a manpower recruitment company in Delhi NCR.

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